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Access to exclusive Silicon Valley investments 

We provide investment opportunities to our business network in Latin America and Spain.

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What do we do?

SV Links Angels is the investment arm of SV Links Network. It provides access to exclusive offers in Silicon Valley to our network of investors, which consists of more than 3,000 people from 27 countries. SV Links Angels also provides capital, mentoring and market access.


We invest in Silicon Valley technology startups founded by entrepreneurs with previous exits. Our investment criteria weigh heavily on the founding team's track record.

Why us?

Our presence in Silicon Valley for more than 20 years has given us access to a top-level professional network in the world's innovation capital, where the dynamism of technology company acquisitions is the number one in the world. 


SV Links Angels is inspired by the mission of SV Links, which is to bring the innovation, experience and mentality of Silicon Valley to the business environment of Latin America.


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How to invest?

1) Log in

2) Choose the investment opportunity

3) Sign documents

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What do you need to invest?


Have participated in one of the Immersion programs in Silicon Valley by


Get a recommendation from people who are part of our investor network.

Meet the requirements of being an accredited investor in the US .

Attend an interview with the Managing Partners of SV Links Angels


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