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Our Story

SV Links Angels began in 2016, inspired by its parent organization, SV Links, a non-profit organization, which through its programs has educated and connected more than 3,000 entrepreneurs from 27 countries. Coming to Silicon Valley, they became interested in participating as investors in companies in the most innovative region of the world. SV Links Angels was created with the purpose of professionalizing this task.

The presence in Silicon Valley allows us to provide the network of investors with exclusive investment opportunities, to make an in-depth analysis of possible investments and to resolve the legal structure for them.

We want to connect Latin America with Silicon Valley through exclusive investments in startups in the region, while educating about the importance of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Our vision is to use the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to solve unmet needs in emerging economies with the expertise and resources of Silicon Valley.

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Our Team

Miguel Casillas

Managing Partner

Miguel is the MP of SV Links Angels and executive director of SV Links, a non-profit educational organization that teaches innovation to business leaders around the world and connects them to Silicon Valley. He co-founded Ovalpath, which was later acquired by Curtis Wright in 2013.

Hana Yang

Managing Partner

Hana is a non-operating MP for SV Links Angels and the emerging manager of Venture Capital and Tech Banking at First Republic Bank. She is also a strategic advisor to SV Links and co-founder of Wingpact, an organization that trains women to become startup investors.

Rodrigo Saavedra

Investor Relations Analyst

Rodrigo is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, every day he looks for new investment opportunities in technology companies. He has a bachelor's degree in financial management from ITESM and a diploma in portfolio management from IEB.


Jonathon Angell

CEO Angell Investments

Jonathon is an expert in finance.  He enables entrepreneurs to achieve liquidity through capital raising. He has a special interest in helping Latin America and is Spanish speaking.

Tiffine Wang

Partner at MS&AD Ventures

Tiffine manages a $100+ million investment fund called MS&AD Ventures. She is passionate about funds that not only generate resources, but also have a significant social impact.

Mar Pérez

InCube Ventures

Mar is part of the Kauffman Fellow program. Passionate about discovering disruptive disruptive medical devices, she has been the Principal in multiple healthcare funds. She has worked with the most recognized medical device entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

Juan Pablo Balboa

Managing Director Brickants Real Estate & Preferencial Grupo Financiero

Juan Pablo is the director of Brickants Real Estate, which offers real estate investment opportunities in the United States and Spain. Similarly, he is a director at Preferencial Grupo Financiero, which provides collateral and consumer loans.

Diana Carrillo

Realtor Coldwell Banker Bain Bellevue Way

Diana is a certified Realtor for the states of Texas and Washington. She has worked in big tech companies such as Microsoft, 3Com, among others, and as an advisor to governments in the development of their digital strategies.

Pamela Perez Cuvit


Lawyer specializing in international taxation with experience in private client practice, private banking, international wealth structuring and tax implications. She has worked in several countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

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